The Braaiiins Behind Zombie Ipsum

Josh Fisher

Josh is a Portland, Maine designer & illustrator with a fondness for all things macabre, strange and offbeat. He serves as Creative Director for Human Business Works and recently launched Secret Supr-Hero Gear.

No matter what anyone says, he is not a pirate and most certainly did not bury a fortune in doubloons on a deserted island by the light of the moon.

Rich Brooks

Rich is a Portland, Maine blogger and social media consultant, which is what his mother always wished for. He often read horror novels as a kid, if by novels you mean books about horror movies from the 1940’s, and if by read you mean looked at the pictures, and if by kid you mean last week. He is president of flyte new media and co-founder of Social Media FTW, an annual social media conference in Maine.

No zombies were hurt in the development of this website.